10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day. The top two things they worry about when entering retirement often go overlooked:



The Problem.




Do we really have enough retirement money?

If one of us needs long-term care, how will we pay for it?


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The strongest fish

swim upstream.

Introducing the Million Dollar Advisor System: a time-tested client acquisition model, created by one of the industry's top producers and designed for elder law and estate planning attorneys to help them increase their firm's revenue by providing an alternative to Medicare and VA Planning.



We believe success comes to

those who focus on one thing,

not to those who try to be everything to everyone. 

The Problem, Solved.


By partnering with one of our Eldercare Financial advisors, you'll be able to offer exclusive products that protect your clients' retirement savings if long-term care is needed.


By adopting this philosophy, you'll be able to provide additional value to your clients that other attorneys can't.  We do this by identifying a segment of the market and solving their #1 concern: the rising cost of Eldercare. Moreover, you'll be able to answer the question no one really has an answer to: Who will take care of us if/when we can't take care of ourselves? How will we pay for it? And how do we know which route is the best?


Because in the end, it's not about what this can do for you. It is about what this does for them. 

The Cornerstone.

As elder care replaces childcare as the number one issue facing Baby Boomers, "TAX-FREE MONEY for Long-Term Care" is the one book they are all looking for. By providing a free, co-branded copy of this book to existing clients and prospects, you will be able to help your clients solve some of their most pressing concerns about retirement.

Included in the System...


Seize every opportunity to position your company in your customers' minds.


The most important part of our system: The ability to co-brand & distribute to your clients.


The top-rated insurance companies in the industry. We've vetted them so you don't have to.


Custom, clean, and responsive website design. *Discounted when enrolled in the Foundation Program.

Helpful tips, training videos, interview scripts and much more.


Designed to match your current branding. All of our materials are completely compliant.

Everything you need to attract, educate and close prospects with our workshop kit.


30 years of advisor marketing experience at your fingertips.​

Over 60+ years of industry experience to advise you on what products are best.

Our book, your info.

While many prospects and clients throw away business cards and brochures, they typically don't throw away books – which makes this the perfect leave behind piece.

Time teaches, but books guide.

Best prospecting system I have ever encountered. These two systems helped position me as the go-to expert in my market.

Finally, a lead generation system that actually works. I have never encountered a system like this.

I received three new clients off my first workshop. All my clients love the book as well. The team at America's First made everything extremely easy.

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