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June 18th, 2018

Today, the question is:


How do you invite a potential client to realize they’re so much more than

this lonely person, in this big place, doing this small thing?


You thank them for already being it, then show them a picture.


Perspective brings power. It helps folks finally see their mountain from the

peak of another. Otherwise, it’s tempting to think you’re a pebble.


Gratitude can be your invitation for clients to realize they’re not just one

lonely member of a massive, chaotic, risky, confusing story — they’re the



They’re not some cog in the system; they’re the system.


Your clients are so much more than they tend to notice. But notice, they

do tend to.


Today, let’s each thank them for doing that, just before we help them lighten

their load. Our job — or any job, really — is to help people feel better

during times of unusual stress.


No better way to do it than gratitude.


Right after their smile of relief, explain why it helps to have a proper plan

in place, in case the unexpected occurs.

An accurate map is a beautiful thing. What an incredible privilege it is to

help them clear a safe path in case they have to go down it one day.

The only question left is: will they have to take it?

Hopefully not.




Entering the world, often as the only member of their species, new concepts have a hard time making friends. After all, it’s tough for newbies to relate to all those established good ideas from the past.​